Clinicians that help Children


Every child is unique and special but sometimes they experience problems with feelings or behaviors that cause disruption to their lives and the lives of those around them. Changes in the family due to divorce, death of a family member, move to a new school or a new city can intensify these feelings. These and other disruptions in daily life are difficult to work through for the child and their parents. The guidance of a trained professional can help.

Therapists who work with children utilize a number of different therapeutic interventions such as play therapy, art therapy or role playing. Techniques of using token economies, behavior contracts and effective communication strategies are just some of the techniques that are taught to parents. Tools are given to the children, as well as the parents, to help elicit the best overall emotional and behavioral health for the child.

Parenting can be overwhelming, but a caring competent therapist may be all that you need to feel relief or reassurance. A parent may delay asking for help due to a concern that they will be blamed for their child’s behavior. Feeling responsible for a child’s distress or problem is a normal part of caring. The fact that you have the commitment to start addressing the difficulty is a significant part of helping your child.

An experienced child therapist will help you find an effective way to help your child.